Improve your ability to carry out daily tasks like getting dressed or eating with occupational therapy. Occupational therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of functional and performance deficits. Our occupational therapists are able to provide adaptive devices and equipment, home exercise programs and cognitive retraining to help restore your independence and safety at home or at work.

What can an occupational therapist do?

  • Evaluatethe client’s injury following care by an orthopedist to coordinate treatment plans and determine the course of intervention after an occupational therapy evaluation.
  • Analyzethe client’s environment at home and work to identify potential barriers to the client’s performance.
  • Fabricatea protective splint for the injured part of the hand and teach the client how to manage daily activities while wearing the splint.
  • Recommenda home exercise program that will facilitate healing and optimum use of the hand.
  • Applytechniques to reduce swelling, prevent further injury, care for wounds, and improve movement.
  • Showthe client how to complete activities safely and independently while the hand is being rehabilitated.
  • Incorporatethe client’s goals and desires into the treatment plan.

A physician’s referral is needed to begin a treatment program at our occupational therapy clinic. We provide outpatient occupational therapy.

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