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PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services
1397 S. Canfield-Niles Rd. Unit 2
Austintown, OH 44515

Phone: (330) 330-8165

Fax: (330)953-0650


Welcome to Austintown (Home Care)

We provide in home therapy services in Mahoning County, Trumbull County and parts of Columbiana County. We also provide services within day programs / workshops for adults and children.

At PHOENIX, we combine patient education with a personalized care and treatment plan to help you feel like you again.

From your first appointment to your last, you can expect superior quality care in a professional health care environment. Our PHOENIX team is committed to keeping you and your wellness at the center of the decision. To make sure you get the best quality of treatment, we ensure you receive efficient, purposeful, and cost-effective care.

Prevent and treat your injuries with the Austintown (Home Care) location.

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Meet The Team

  • J

    Jennifer B Bartley

    Physical Therapist 02

  • R

    Renee Ungaro

    Physical Therapist 01

  • V

    Vicki L Castronova

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • D

    Deborah Urbank

    Speech Therapist

  • P

    Phillip C Ciavarella

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • C

    Cynthia Ann Vafides

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Brenda J Devenport, PT, CLT

    Multi-Site Clinic Director

    View Profile
  • H

    Heather M Edwards

    Occupational Therapist Assistant

  • T

    Terri Ervin

    Human Resources Assistant

  • S

    Susan L Grandolfo

    Patient Care Coordinator II

  • E

    Evan M Hall

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • H

    Hannah Lockard

    Physical Therapist 02

  • C

    Chalsa Matey

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • P

    Penny Mulichak

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • C

    Carla S Nicholas

    Occupational Therapist 01

  • K

    Kathleen A O'Shaughnessy

    Physical Therapist 02

  • E

    Erin M Rodgers

    Occupational Therapist Assistant

  • C

    Christine M Sandor

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • T

    Tyler Aston

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • T

    Todd Szabo

    Physical Therapist Assistant

A large part of what sets PHOENIX apart is our team. We are proud to employ highly trained professionals who are not only skilled at what they do, but are passionate about providing you with individualized care. Our PHOENIX team members are what makes achieving quality clinical outcomes possible through expertise and a personal approach.

New Patient Info

Welcome to the PHOENIX family! You’re one step closer to feeling like you again. You can expect superior care at each step of your rehabilitation journey, starting with scheduling your first appointment. After scheduling your first appointment, we encourage you to download and fill out your patient forms and insurance information.

Schedule Now (330) 330-8165

Patient Forms What to Expect

In-Home Therapy

In-Home Therapy services allow patients to heal in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Home therapy is the solution if a patient’s health or transportation issues make it difficult to attend an outpatient clinic.

Compact equipment allows us to perform a wide range of modalities in the home including ultrasound, electric stimulation and near infrared treatment for wound care & pain management.

Home Therapy Treatments

PHOENIX In-Home Therapy delivers the following services and treatments to patients in the comfort of their home, as well as residents of assisted living facilities:

Physical Therapy: Works to obtain normal movement by focusing on balance, endurance, gait, transfers, strength, range of motion and reduction of pain.

Occupational Therapy: Improves the use of upper extremities while dealing with functional daily skills such as feeding, bathing, grooming and toileting.

Lymphedema Therapy:

  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Compression therapy
  • Decongestive remedial exercises
  • Wound care and skin care
  • (ABI) Ankle-Brachial Index
  • Venous Refill Testing

In-Home Therapy also provides the following Special Services:

Home Assessment: Evaluation for modifications needed for safety and completion of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Durable Medical Equipment Assessment: Wheelchair evaluation, ramp evaluation, etc.

PHOENIX’S therapists can work with individuals with most diagnoses in the home including:

  • CVA (Stroke)
  • Debilitation
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Balance Deficits
  • Status Post Fractures
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy & Spina Bifida
  • Status Post Hip, Shoulder, Knee Replacement
  • Lymphedema / Wound Care

A customized treatment plan will be developed to achieve optimal results.

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