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Decompression Traction Therapy

Decompression traction therapy is an innovative, non-surgical approach developed for the treatment of low back or neck pain.  According to recent surveys, this painless and safe alternative is more than 70 percent effective in relieving low back pain and sciatica.

For instance, with the use of advanced technology, people suffering with low back pain due to herniated discs, degenerated discs, compression fractures, radicular pain and posterior facet syndrome now have a better chance of resuming a normal, pain-free way of life without the risks, complications and expenses often associated with spinal surgery.

More specifically, the Triton® DTS Traction System is designed to relieve pressure on the structures that may be causing low back pain by utilizing state-of-the-art technology allowing the patient to maintain a comfort level that most conventional or manual traction methods cannot sustain. 

What makes the Triton® DTS Traction System different is the approach behind the system.  Utilizing VAX-D technology, this mechanical traction system makes use of an electric tension head used in conjunction with a new table design  and QuikWrap™ belting system that work together to mimic hands-on therapy.

The Triton MP-1's smooth electric gear motor control system delivers the exact traction force in either intermittent or static mode with gentle progressive steps both at the beginning and end of treatment.  In addition, the Triton MP-1 continually monitors progress and makes adjustments to the weight changes due to tissue stretching or patient relaxation.

A tabletop that moves freely on bearings allows you to overcome gravitation forces, thus eliminating the need to increase the weight in order to deliver the necessary force to the patient.  With each successive pull, the Triton TRT 550 traction table's friction free surface returns to a neutral position through a spring recoil device, thus allowing the control and consistency to be increased.  The size and capabilities of the table assures patients the most comfortable treatment session possible.  In addition, because this treatment method is covered by most insurance plans, out of pocket expenses are minimal.

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