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Functional Test

Functional testing is defined as using a variety of physical skills and tests to determine (1) one's ability to participate at the desired level in sport, an occupation, or recreation or to return to participation in a safe and timely manner without functional limitations and (2) one's ability to move through up to three planes of movement as assessed via nontraditional testing that provides qualitative and quantitative information related to specialized motions involved in sport, occupation, and exercises. Functional performance testing more closely mimics physical activities that people wish to return to pre-injury.
Physical performance tests have varying amounts of complexity and impose different levels of physical demand. Our professionals will ensure that testing is at the appropriate level and occurs at the appropriate time for the individual patient. Functional performance testing is not done in a random, haphazard manner. As with any objective measurement used to assess an injured patient, we will carefully evaluate the appropriateness of each test before introducing it.

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